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OVERALL HEIGHT - means just that. It is the height of the Letter or Letters, either one line or muliple lines.

It will assume the height of the highest letter - If you have an uppercase letter in the beginning of the word and the rest are lowercase, the Overall Height will be the size of the Uppercase letter.

HOWEVER, if you have any lowercase letter that hangs down low, like a j, g, or y - it will include that into the OVERALL HEIGHT, thereby making all the other letters smaller.

Your order will ship with these instructions and a free application squeegy.

Application Instructions

REVERSE CUT - for application inside a glass window:
You must select REVERSE CUT in the tool in order to reverse your lettering to apply on the inside of glass.

The comments section are NOT for shipping directions. Comments (like "Leave on front porch") ARE NOT passed along to the USPS or UPS.

Overnight Shipping
WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE Next Day Air shipping to arrive the day after you order. Orders placed after 12 noon will not be shipped the same day. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, will not ship until Monday at the earliest.

Shipping Delays
We are not responsibly for shipping delays caused by the selected carrier once your package has left our facility. If, however a problem does occur that is the fault of the shipping (us) we will make EVERY EFFORT to rectify the situation where feasible.

Promo codes, specials, discounts, etc. can be terminated at any time by without notice. PROMO CODES or DISCOUNTS WILL ONLY BE HONORED IF THEY ARE ENTERED AT TIME OF ORDER. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is in the TERMS you agree to when you place the order, so please do not email us or comment us for a refund on a discount, it will be ignored. So remember - to enter your promo code at time of order!

Problems / Replacements
NOTE: Vinyl is best is applied as soon as possible after receiving (within 5 days or less). The longer the vinyl sits between the application tape and backing paper, the harder it will be to apply and the more likely it will be to stick more to the clear tape than to your surface ... SO APPLY IT RIGHT AWAY to avoid this. Replacements WILL NOT be sent on orders older than 14 days!!

We are NOT responsible for misspellings on signs that you design. If there is a misspelling we will print it the way it is and assume it was made intentionally by you, the customer. In some cases, that is if we catch it, we may contact the customer to be sure the misspelling is the way you want it.

Orders WILL NOT be replaced (for free) due to spelling errors made by the customer, even if you ask us to check the spelling for you in the Comments section, that is not our responsibility so DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR SPELLING BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THE CHECKOUT! If we make the mistake, the order will be replaced on us.

See more TERMS here.