Sending Us Your Logo

How to Submit my Logo for a quote in vinyl:

Acceptable formats* – AI, EPS, CDR, PDF (Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw) only.
Non-acceptable formats – gif, jpg, tiff, psd, bmp, doc, docx, pub



Please send your logo file to

*If you do not have the original vector graphic file (ai, eps, cdr) then you have the option of us converting it for a small fee (conversion from a rasterized image to a vector graphic). The fees range from $25 – $150+ depending on complexity of the logo. Contact us for more info or a quote. Or send the file to to convert it; then send it back to us.

Turnaround time:
Expected turnaround time for a quote on your logo is generally 1-4 business days.

What is a vector graphic? (see wikipedia)

Example above showing effect of vector graphics versus raster graphics. The original vector-based illustration is at the left. The upper-right image illustrates magnification of 7x as a vector image. The lower-right image illustrates the same magnification as a bitmap image. Raster images are based on pixels and thus scale with loss of clarity, while vector-based images can be scaled indefinitely without degradation. – wikipedia

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