Application Instructions

Application Instructions

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Your order will ship with these instructions and a free application squeegy.


Dry Method – Adhesive Backed Vinyl

  • Read all of our directions BEFORE YOU BEGIN!!!!!
  • Clean the surface well to avoid dust and oil under the vinyl.
  • Without removing the backing, place sign exactly in the position it is to be located.
  • Hold everything temporarily into place with masking tape.
  • Step back and see how it looks.
  • Once applied, it cannot be repositioned.
  • Measure twice to assure accuracy, measure from the flat areas on numbers and letters.
  • Apply a piece of masking tape across the entire top edge, to make a hinge.
  • Fold the sign back along the tape hinge.
  • Remove the backing (back side), revealing the sticky side (Only remove the backing – DO NOT remove the transfer tape – Front Side)
  • CAUTION: Do not allow the sign to fall freely on the surface or it will stick there and potentially ruin the vinyl if you try to remove it. (Signs will not be replaced free of charge if this happens).
  • ** Hold the sign away from the surface. With a squeegee (plastic spatula, bondo applicator, etc.) carefully begin to squeegee down the top 1 to 2 inches along the top edge. Work from the hinge down, squeegee down and out over the remaining sign area, but be careful not to trap any air bubbles behind the vinyl.
  • Remove the transfer tape by slowly peeling it back from the sign.
  • The sign will remain in place if it has been firmly applied.
  • If any air bubbles appear, puncture with a pin and squeeze the area to flatten the bubbles.
  • Tiny bubbles should disappear over time with the heat of the sun.

Wet Method – Adhesive Backed Vinyl

  • This method makes it easy to put down large graphics with less air bubbles. Take your time and you will get professional looking results.
  • You can use this method as above with a tape hinge by inserting the following steps after the coordinating symbols. OR You can “float” the sign on the surface without a tape hinge; this will allow a small amount of movement for straightening.
  • Create a Liquid Soapy Water Mixture: Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons of dish soap with 32 oz. of water. Mix in a spray bottle.
  • Prepare mix before you begin application.
  • * Spray a liberal amount of soap & water mixture on the surface to which you are applying the vinyl AND the adhesive side of the vinyl – first remove the paper backing.
  • ** Squeegee out the water. Allow the water to completely dry before removing the transfer tape.
  • Let sit in sun (or garage with heat) for several hours before driving.

CAUTION: In both Dry Method and Wet Method, once the sign has been applied it cannot be repositioned. It can be removed by applying a little heat with a hair dryer and peeling it away.

The sign is not reusable once it has been removed.

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