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Helpful Design Tips for Mobile Advertising

What I mean by “mobile advertising” is advertising on your vehicle, not a cell phone. The info here can be used in conjunction with an earlier post about the benefits of using your vehicle to advertise.

Here are just a few simple tips to keep in mind when designing lettering and graphics for your mobile-marketing-machine:

1) Your website address

  • Use only top level domain URL’s
    • The shorter the URL the better because it’s much easier for other drivers to remember since most people wont write down what they see while driving (this is also why it’s good to have your URL on the sides and back of your vehicle – so don’t get mad if you find more people are tailgating you now … they’re just trying to read your website address!).
  • Eliminate “http://” and sometimes “www”
    • Typing “http://” is not required to enter in browsers and is just a waste of space. In most cases, adding the “www” before the domain name is also not necessary (ie. is the same as Make sure to test your domain name without the “www” before using it in any advertising ‘cuz you never know.
  • Capitalize where appropriate
    • Use both upper and lower case letters in your URL to help the reader identify and remember your site (ie. is more appealing and memorable than
  • Use color
    • Use bright colors to attract driver’s attention (if your vehicle is dark, use a lighter/brighter color – do the opposite for a light color vehicle).

2) Don’t go overboard

We’ve all seen the vehicles that have WAY TO MUCH going on to even read what they do. The basic rule-of-thumb is just like any other type of advertising, KEEP IT SIMPLE & TO THE POINT.

  • Your Name (and/or Logo)
  • What you do (one line in as few words as possible)
  • Means to contact you (web URL, phone number or both)
  • THAT’S IT!!!

3) Don’t use cheesy clipart graphics

Remember, you’re driving your vehicle everywhere – you want to present a sense of professionalism not “Hey look! My 8 year old son found me this clipart graphic of a guy with a hammer running and I put it on my van”. COME ON! No one will hire a contractor with grade school art on their truck. If you don’t have a logo, find a good designer to create one for you. It’s all about Image and don’t forget it … because “they” wont!

Stick to these simple steps and you’re on your way to getting more business.

We’ll keep this post open and may add more steps as they come in. If you’re got something to add, please post a comment.

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Vehicle Lettering – an Inexpensive Way to Market Your Business

If you’re a small business owner and are looking for inexpensive ways to market your business, then do what the larger companies do … use your vehicle as a moving billboard.

If you use a car or truck in your business have your business name and contact information custom made in vinyl to place on the side, back or windows of the vehicle. That way your means of transportation becomes a vehicle for advertising your business.

To be different you could even come up with some new ideas that you can do with your car advertising … like a “saying” or a unique web url. You could even try to talk your friends and collegues into placing a small vinyl lettering ad for you on their vehicle in exchange for your business service or you pay them for it.