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US Military Vehicle Markings

Did you know that there are only two authorized methods of making ‘bumper numbers’? The first is using adhesive vinyl (what we sell at Great Lettering) and the second is paint.

United States Army vehicles must be marked with a unit designation to foster accountability and promote attention to detail during maintenance operations. The term “bumper number” refers the combination of numbers and letters on the front and rear of a vehicle.

There are many regulations that govern the use of bumper numbers. These regulations serve to standardize markings across the Army in order to improve efficiency and ensure markings add to combat readiness.

The appearance of bumper numbers are a quick and representative sampling of the maintenance status of a unit. Proficiency in marking vehicles is an excellent indicator of deeper and more substantial efficacy of a unit. Bumper number also serve to provide a quick reference for identification and minimize confusion in the fog of war.

If you’re interested in learning more you can find it here.

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