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How Vinyl Lettering is Cut?

Vinyl used for sign making is cut using a Vinyl Cutter. 

vi – nyl (vÄ«’nÉ™l) n. – Any of various typically tough, flexible, shiny plastics, often used for coverings and clothing.

(defined) A vinyl sign cutter is used by professional poster and billboard sign-making businesses to produce brilliant weather-resistant signs, posters, and billboards using colorful rolls of adhesive-backed vinyl film that have a removable paper backing material. The vinyl can also be applied to car bodies and windows for large, bright company advertising.

Generally the hardware is identical to a traditional plotter except that the ink pen is replaced by a very sharp knife edge that is use to score the surface of the film to cut out each shape, and the plotter may have a pressure control to adjust how hard the knife presses down into the vinyl film. The vinyl knife may be shaped like a normal pen and can be mounted on ball-bearings so the knife edge rotates to always face the correct direction as the plotter head moves.

Once the film has been scored, the cut-out pieces are peeled off the backing paper and carefully assembled by hand to form the final image. A heat gun may be used to melt/bond the vinyl pieces to the signage. Unused sections of film are rolled up and saved for later use.

The colors available are generally unlimited but requires a large collection of separate rolls of each color needed. To prevent creasing of the film, it is typically stored in rolls about 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and the typical vinyl film roll widths are 18-inch and 36-inch. It is common for a company with a vinyl sign cutting service to have an entire room filled with rolls of colorful film supplies for their signage customers.

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Vehicle Lettering – an Inexpensive Way to Market Your Business

If you’re a small business owner and are looking for inexpensive ways to market your business, then do what the larger companies do … use your vehicle as a moving billboard.

If you use a car or truck in your business have your business name and contact information custom made in vinyl to place on the side, back or windows of the vehicle. That way your means of transportation becomes a vehicle for advertising your business.

To be different you could even come up with some new ideas that you can do with your car advertising … like a “saying” or a unique web url. You could even try to talk your friends and collegues into placing a small vinyl lettering ad for you on their vehicle in exchange for your business service or you pay them for it.

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US Military Vehicle Markings

Did you know that there are only two authorized methods of making ‘bumper numbers’? The first is using adhesive vinyl (what we sell at Great Lettering) and the second is paint.

United States Army vehicles must be marked with a unit designation to foster accountability and promote attention to detail during maintenance operations. The term “bumper number” refers the combination of numbers and letters on the front and rear of a vehicle.

There are many regulations that govern the use of bumper numbers. These regulations serve to standardize markings across the Army in order to improve efficiency and ensure markings add to combat readiness.

The appearance of bumper numbers are a quick and representative sampling of the maintenance status of a unit. Proficiency in marking vehicles is an excellent indicator of deeper and more substantial efficacy of a unit. Bumper number also serve to provide a quick reference for identification and minimize confusion in the fog of war.

If you’re interested in learning more you can find it here.

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Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new Great Lettering blog. We’ve created this space as a resource for our customers and readers alike. We’ll be updated the blog on a regular basis and will offer tips & how-to’s, news, information and anything else we find is relevant. For suggestions on what you might you think might be helpful, just drop us a line.